We are an entrepreneurial team that form meaningful partnerships with quality scalable businesses, to grow revenue, improve operational efficiencies, and increase shareholder value.

Infinity Capital Partners

We are a private equity investment company that targets profitable medium-sized businesses generating revenues in the region of US $5M to US $15M, with low or moderate risk, that are not capital intensive.

Our primary focus is to provide growth capital, and board level strategic expertise to improve operations, drive revenue growth and regional expansion.

We target industries currently positioned for long term growth such as Technology & Communication, Real Estate, Services, Finance, Energy, Agri-business, and Logistics.

We invest in growing markets within the Caribbean with a stable political and economic outlook, stable currency and low regulatory risk.

We pay close attention to risk management and ensure alignment of interest of all stakeholders.

Our Approach

Our investment approach is flexible and includes buy-in, ownership succession, or management buy out (MBO).

We work with owners and management to establish trust, build strong relationships and a shared long term vision for the business that benefits all stakeholders. We require management teams to be strong, disciplined, focused, and committed to the long-term success of the business.

We identify growth and operational improvement opportunities where we can deploy the vast experience and skillset of our management and advisory teams at a strategic level.

We help them to define and improve strategy, grow revenues, improve operational efficiencies, acquire additional customers, finance growth opportunities, build organizational capacity, and maximize shareholder value.